Shot Therapy

vaccine vial with inserted syringe

NAD+ ($125)

All significant cellular events within the human body cannot occur without the presence of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD). Its assists with immunity and inflammation, energy metabolism, the body’s “biological clock”, cardiovascular function, kidney function, liver function, and brain function. This is the perfect add on for Brain fog, an energy booster, and to sharpen your focus!

Benefits of NAD+

Doctor Holding Syringe and Vial

Lipo C (weight loss) ($70)

improves cellular function, metabolism, and weight loss by burning of adipose tissue within the body. This combination of compounds result in weight loss by removal and movement of fat.


glass vial and syringe on black background

Glutathione (antioxidant) ($65)

Body’s most powerful antioxidant. Glutathione fights off free radicals which are the cells in the body responsible for aging, tissue damage, and disease. With glutathione, enjoy a natural cosmetic rejuvenation and unlock the secret to clear, brighter, and healthier skin. Turn back the clock.


(NOT for clients with milk or sulfa allergy)

vaccination concept, vaccine vial with syringe

B12 injection ($40)

Vitamin B12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin that helps with DNA production, metabolism, red blood cell production, brain functionality, and nerve cells. Also a great source of energy!


This Vitamin is given as intramuscular injection providing immediate results.

Vials with Covid - 19 vaccine and syringe on blue background

Ketorolac (pain) ($20)

Excellent for pain and inflammation and control

Doctor drawing up solution and filling syringe

Zofran (nausea) ($20)

Prevention and treatment of severe nausea or vomiting (can cause constipation or headache)

Close-up of syringe and vials arranged against blue background, copy space

Famotidine ($25)

Great for hangovers, relieves GERD, Acid reflux, upset stomach, dyspepsia.

Medicine. Close-up of the doctor's gloved hands. A syringe with

Dexamethasone ($25)

Relieves inflammatory associated pain, inflammatory control, and allergic reactions. (Not intended for people with current infection or uncontrolled diabetes).

Doctor or Nurse Wearing Surgical Gloves Holding Vaccine Vial and Medical Syringe

Benadryl ($30)

Most common antihistamine, perfect for inflammation control, allergic reactions, or seasonal allergies

Vaccine vial dose and syringe against gray blue background

Biotin ($35)

Excellent for hair, skin, and nails. Provides more benefits than oral supplement.